Y!CN NFL Pick Em Contest: Rules and History

2010 Champion - Zac Wassink. Complete Results For '10 Standings HERE
2011 Champion -Rodney Southern. Complete Results For '11 Standings HERE



2011 Y!CN NFL Pick ‘Em Contest: Information and Rules Document


Y!CN Pick Em Contest
(Also available on the JZN Mission Statement Page. For weekly rules, please see below) http://josherzahnostradamus.blogspot.com/p/mission-statement.html

The Yahoo! Contributor Network (Y!CN) Pick ‘Em Contest was started in 2010. The contest features a slew of writers who participate in making NFL Predictions. These predictions are based on no spreads, spreads, and totals. The five objectives I have for this competition are:
  1. Networking amongst other Y!CN writers and sports enthusiasts.
  2. Establishing a bond for the Y!CN sports community
  3. Giving readers a plethora of regular fan analyses
  4. Giving aspiring writers additional exposure
  5. "Zah"
Y!CN sports enthusiasts may apply under the following circumstances
A) You were a 2010 participant (Skip B-D). Otherwise...
B) 20,000+ Associated Content views OR
C) 100,000+ Yahoo! Sports views
D) CANNOT be combined (15,000 AC and 85,000 Y! Sports)

Email me for participation and information. These stipulations are administered to reduce the chances that participants will ditch the competition.
The Y!CN NFL Pick ‘Em Contest is open to writers of the Y!CN platform.
*Predictions must be submitted in a timely manner. They should be uploaded before games begin each week. However, you can also send them to me through e-mail or Facebook if you’re incapable of creating an article or slideshow. Just don’t make that a frequent occurrence.

*Writers are not required to write individual game summaries on each of the games like Todd Jacobs and Joshua Huffman did in 2010. You can complete one simple article with a briefing of why you think a team will win. You can also summarize a few of the week’s biggest games while giving predictions for everything else, like Ryan C. DeVault.

*Please e-mail me a direct link of all your material via E-Mail of Facebook. Otherwise, I must search through everyone’s Y!CN profiles and find the submissions. This will be more efficient for me when tallying the data. 

*The NFL Predictions competition has three different games. This includes regular NFL predictions, predictions against point spreads, and totals. You can participate in one or all of the games.

*A couple things for writers who participate in the predictions against the spread contest. I strongly encourage (though don’t require) people to use COOPER’S PICKS lines so we all have a similar set of points. Also, say TB (-3) and TB wins 17-14. That will be figured as a tie.   

*PLEASE CHECK JZN DAILY, PRIMARILY MONDAY THROUGH WEDNESDAY. This prevents me from having to e-mail a dozen or more people for every little tidbit of information. I should have everybody’s results finalized by Wednesday of each week. I’ll inform readers whenever hindrances prevent that (Unless I’m dead, abducted by aliens or computer malfunctions).

*This contest doesn’t include the postseason. Postseason will be used for tiebreakers.  

*Feel free to contact me for more information, questions, corrections, or ideas.
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