Saturday, January 7, 2012

JZN NFL Predictions vs. Spread (2012 Wild Card)

Here are my picks for NFC Wild Card. Not going to lie... I could see all these games going either way. 

Cincinnati Bengals (+4) at Houston Texans
Detroit Lions (+10.5) at New Orleans Saints
Atlanta Falcons (+3) at New York Giants
Pittsburgh Steelers (-8) at Denver Broncos 

*The Houston Texans are banged up. They've lost three consecutive games. They're down to a third-string quarterback with a bum shoulder. The Texans already beat the Bengals once this season. Honestly, I can't believe either of these teams will advance into the second round.I'll take the points...

I'll reluctantly take the Texans. I just think that, at the worst, this will be a close game in the fourth quarter. The Texans would have to feed off the energy of that crowd at that point. The Bengals also don't have a high-scoring offense to break away.

*The Detroit Lions didn't have Ndamukong Suh when these teams last played. The Saints were carving up the Lions' defense once Nick Fariley left the game with a foot injury in the first round. I can't pick against the Saints at home though... not after that defensive performance from the Lions last week. They made Joe Webb and Carson Palmer look good, also.

*I just have a weird feeling about this game. The Atlanta Falcons have always been a much better home team with Matt Ryan (Yet, this is a road game). Also, I just don't see the Falcons containing Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. Ryan isn't the best quarterback for shootouts.

The only problem I have with the Giants is that you never know which team will show up: the one that nearly beat the Packers or the one that got dominated by the Washington Redskins?

My gut is expecting a letdown performance. We shall see. I figure there has to be at least one WTF game anyway.

*PIT and DEN should be a low-scoring game. My problem with the Broncos is I just can't see them scoring more than 10 points unless Ben Roethlisberger does something stupid like he did against the Indianapolis Colts earlier this season. Tim Tebow vs. Troy Polamalu? Bleh... Might be a close game because of the injuries though...

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