Wednesday, December 7, 2011

JZN NFL Predictions vs. Spread: More Week 14 Picks Part 1 of 5

Here is part 1 of 5 (Plus two individual summaries) for my Week 14 picks this week.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (-14)
The Cleveland Browns' offense versus the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense? In Heinz Field? The only thing I'd worry about is whether the Browns will score a cheap touchdown toward the game of the game that'll cover the spread. That's the danger with playing spreads though.

Against the Spread: Pittsburgh Steelers (-14)
Straight: Pittsburgh Steelers 34, Cleveland Browns 7

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens (-16.5)
The Ravens have already been upset by the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks. I'm not that confident in them covering the spread because they don't get amp'ed up against inferior opponents. I also remember when the 1-15 Miami Dolphins got their only win over the Ravens.

Ravens win but I'm expecting a "Meh" performance. Colts are desperate at this point.

Against The Spread: Indianapolis Colts (+16.5)
Straight: Baltimore Ravens 22, Indianapolis Colts 10

Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets (-9)
The Kansas City Chiefs have been playing inspired football on the defensive end. The Jets don't have a great offense. The Steelers and Bears combined for 16 points in the past two games against the Chiefs.

I'll take the points with the Chiefs. Never know what to expect from them anyway. I do think they'll continue with their spirited defensive efforts. Maybe they'll look ahead to their chance of being the first team to beat the Green Bay Packers in the following week? 

Against The Spread: Kansas City Chiefs (+9)
Straight: New York Jets 17, Kansas City Chiefs 12

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