Thursday, November 17, 2011

JZN NFL Predictions vs. Spread: Week 11 Picks Part 1 of 3

Okay...I don't have much time this week. Therefore, I'm going to try something different.

I'm thinking that maybe I'm trying to overanalyze the games these past few weeks. I'm just going to wing it this week and see what happens.

New York Jets (-6) at Denver Broncos 
If Tim Tebow is Jesus, then will Rex Ryan be the one who washes his feet? I'm not sure what that had to do with anything. I'm pretty confident that the New York Jets have more all-around talent and that Ryan won't allow the Wing T to beat his defense.

Against the Spread: New York Jets (-6)
Straight: New York Jets 17, Denver Broncos 3

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings (PK 'EM)
Darren McFadden (maybe) vs. Adrian Peterson. Here's the thing: The Vikings have the NFL's No. 6 run defense. The Raiders just surrendered 299 rushing yards to the Denver Broncos, 118 to Tim Tebow. The Vikings are normally competitive at home, even against the Green Bay Packers.

Against the Spread: Minnesota Vikings (PK 'EM)
Straight: Minnesota Vikings 23, Oakland Raiders 20

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (-1)
I'm 2-7 with picking games featuring the Buffalo Bills (should be 1-8). I regret to inform any Bills fans that I'm picking them again. Sorry.

Against the Spread: Buffalo Bills (+1)
Straight: Buffalo Bills 27, Miami Dolphins 21

Jacksonville Jaguars (-1) at Cleveland Browns
I'm going back to never picking the Cleveland Browns again... sorry. FWIW, the over/under is 34. Yeah... I can't imagine either team passing 17 points with those offenses.

Against the Spread: Jacksonville Jaguars (-1)
Straight: Jacksonville Jaguars 13, Cleveland Browns 3

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