Wednesday, November 9, 2011

JZN NFL Predictions vs. Spread: Other Games (Week 10, 2011-12)

 Here are my predictions for the other four games for Week 9 of the 2011-12 NFL season.

****New England Patriots at New York Jets***
As long as the quarterback matchup is Mark Sanchez versus Tom Brady, I will put my faith in the New England Patriots. 

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: New England Patriots (PK 'EM)
Straight: New England Patriots 31, New York Jets 21

***Baltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks***
The Seattle Seahawks have a plethora of injuries on offense. I just can't see Tarvaris Jackson or whoever their quarterback is having any success against that Baltimore Ravens defense. 

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Baltimore Ravens (-6.5)
Straight: Baltimore Ravens 20, Seattle Seahawks 3

***St. Louis Rams at Cleveland Browns***
Um... very little scoring from either team. Both teams have a big injury list. I guess I'll go with the Cleveland Browns since they're home. I think they beat the Seattle Seahawks 6-3 in their last game against NFC West competition.

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Cleveland Browns (-2.5)
Straight: Cleveland Browns 13, St. Louis Rams 10

***Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins***
The Washington Redskins are imploding after all of the injuries and quarterback controversies. The Miami Dolphins seem like they're still trying hard. They've won like one home game in the last year-and-a-half though. I'll take him anyway.

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Miami Dolphins (-4)
Straight: Miami Dolphins 17, Washington Redskins 13

***Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles***
Kevin Kolb may not play. I don't have a line for this game yet. However, the Philadelphia Eagles should blow this team out. Otherwise, their season is done. The only thing I'd be concerned with is Beanie Wells. 

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Philadelphia Eagles (Anything up to -12.5)
Straight: Philadelphia Eagles 27, Arizona Cardinals 14

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