Tuesday, November 22, 2011

JZN NFL Predictions vs. Spread: More Week 12 Picks Part 1 of 2

Here are five more of my picks from Week 12 of the 2011-12 NFL season.

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (-8.5)

The Cincinnati Bengals have lost two consecutive games. They could be without A.J. Green. The Browns could realistically go 0-6 in the AFC North if they lose this game. Truth is, I just don't see that happening. At the same time, this is the only divisional game that I think they could lose.

Consider me 50/50 on picking this game straight. I'll side with the Browns since I need the victory in my pick 'em. What I do like is 8 1/2 points for what should be a low-scoring game. It should also be close since it's a divisional rivalry.

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Cleveland Browns (+8.5)
Straight: Cleveland Browns 20, Cincinnati Bengals 17

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-9.5)
Good news for Buffalo Bills: I'm picking against you this week! (I'm 2-8, should be 1-9 with picking games featuring the Bills).

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Buffalo Bills (+9.5)
Straight: New York Jets 23, Buffalo Bills 17

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders (-4.5)
While Jay Cutler is injured, I still don't trust the Oakland Raiders. The Bears have an opportunistic defense that can create turnovers. Matt Forte should also be able to exploit that defense. Don't forget about Devin Hester. I'm also under the impression that Caleb Hanie will play pretty well in replace of Cutler. He was a gamer in college and he played well in the NFC Championship.

Which Raiders team will show up? The one that lost to Denver and Kansas City or the one that beat Houston and New York? I'm taking an upset here (As a Packers fan, I'd rather be wrong here).

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Chicago Bears (+4.5)
Straight: Chicago Bears 24, Oakland Raiders 23

New York Giants at New Orleans Saints (-7.5)
The New York Giants were 5-0 in the 2009-10 season before they headed into the Louisana Superdome to face the Saints. The Saints won 48-27. The Giants finished the season 8-8 as they headed into a tailspin that I don't feel like they've ever fully recovered from.

The Saints have had two weeks of rest and preparation. I think that matters with a good coaching staff. New Orleans has one. This should be a difficult matchup for the Giants. Eli Manning will have to be perfect and the defensive backs will have to step up their game. Liking the Saints here in another Monday Night dud.

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: New Orleans Saints (-7.5)
Straight: New Orleans Saints 34, New York Giants 17

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (-7.5)
The Denver Broncos lost the last game where I picked Tim Tebow. Good luck, Tebow!

Final Predictions:
Against the Spread: Denver Broncos (+7.5)
Straight: Denver Broncos 21, San Diego Chargers 20

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