Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A couple of things in regards to picks (Shouldn't really affect anyone who reads this blog though)

1) Currently, individual summaries of each game will not be posted on Y!CN. I don't feel like it's worth the time to post every single summary there. You'll have to visit the blog to find the individual summaries to each game.

2) With that said, individual summaries of GB and TEN will be posted on Y! Sports (via Y!CN) as of Week 7. Links will be given here to redirect to those picks, though.

3) Todd Jacobs apparently isn't doing NFL picks this season. While I'll still play around with spread picks, I'm not sure I'll be actually running the contest with spread picks since there are only two people as of Week 7 doing that (and I need to create a system where people are using the same lines). Straight-picks contest isn't going anywhere though.

4) I don't like making changes midseason. However, I'm going to allow a lot more people into this game next season. Basically, any Y!CN writers will be allowed. I might even start that sooner if someone wants to join.

5) Will have picks and everybody's record updated by the end of the day. I'll have a few summaries and ideas done also.

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