Monday, October 3, 2011

NFL Y!CN Pick 'Em Contest: Week 4 Results (2011-2012)

These are the Week 4 results heading into the Monday Night Football Game. A few of our players are distancing themselves from the pack. Zac Wassink and Joshua Huffman are really starting to embarrass themselves this season. That's okay for Wassink since he's the defending champion. Me?... I've got to figure out which teams are going to blow these 20-point leads every week...they're killing me here!!!!!!!! Damn Lions, lol.

Email me with any concerns. I think I'm going to create a table sometime this week if I can find the time. That will let you see who is on the hot streaks and who is related to Harold Camping. Josher Zah Camping right now... Ah!

Note to writers: Don't forget to submit your picks BEFORE THE GAMES BEGIN ON SUNDAY.

Randy Inman 12-4
Rodney Southern 11-5
Brian Short 11-5
Joe Soriano 11-5
Tommy Hayfield 10-6 (7-9 on spreads)
JM Van Horn 9-
Joshua Huffman 9-7 (7-9 on spreads)
Zac Wassink 9-7
Joshua Cook MIA
Ryan C. DeVault MIA

Randy Inman 45-19
Tommy Hayfield 44-20 (30-32 on spreads)
Rodney Southern 44-20
JM Van Horn 41-23
Brian Short 40-23
Zac Wassink 40-24

Joe Soriano 39-25 
Joshua Huffman 38-26 (32-30 on spreads)
Ryan C. DeVault 32-16
Joshua Cook 21-10
Todd Jacobs N/A (4-1 on spreads)

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