Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've got two more to finish (PHI-ATL and STL-NYG) along with the 16-pick article. I'm almost done with PHI-ATL but just need to upload. I'm going to finish it all tomorrow as it's raining tonight and I'm afraid that the internet may go down any second (Satellite Internet... hey, it's better than 56K :-) ).

I'll tell you right now on the straights: I got Philadelphia and New York (probably). On the spreads, I got Philadelphia and St. Louis.

I'm probably going to try something a tad different next week. Instead of uploading everything to Y!CN first, I think I'm going to upload them to my blog first and foremost.

Rodney Southern, JM Van Horn and Zac Wassink have all completed their picks. I'll try to update their links tonight. If not, it'll definitely be by tomorrow.

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