Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NFL Y!CN Pick 'Em Contest: Week 1 Results (2011-2012)

Tommy Hayfield jumps out to an early advantage in the competition. All but two players were over .500 in the straight pick 'em competition. The spread competition is basically featuring two people and we're using different lines (e.g. I used Cardinals (-7) and Hayfield used Cardinals (-3))... so it's not much of a competition there anymore, haha. Todd Jacobs is only doing a random sample of games this season as he's too busy to do picks for each game. 

Last season's champion, Zac Wassink, is only one game back.

Please let me know ASAP if you believe that I've made an error in counting. I did these at 1AM so double-check your results and see if I counted correctly.

Good luck in Week 2!

Tommy Hayfield 11-5
Rodney Southern 10-6
Brian Short 10-6
Zac Wassink 10-6
Joshua Cook 9-6 (DEN/OAK unpicked)
Randy Inman 9-7
Joshua Huffman 9-7
JM Van Horn 9-7
Ryan C. DeVault 7-9
Joe Soriano 7-9

Tommy Hayfield 12-4Joshua Huffman 9-6

Todd Jacobs 4-1

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