Monday, January 2, 2012

NFL Y!CN Pick 'Em Contest: Week 17 FINAL RESULTS (2011-12)


Rodney Southern finished the season as the champion of the Y!CN NFL Pick' Em Contest for the 2011-12 NFL season. At 170-86, Southern picked at a clip of 66.4% throughout the season.

Tommy Hayfield came in second. Brian Short finished in third while Zac Wassink ended up at fourth.

Y! Voices (Formerly known as Y!CN and Associated Content) went through a transition last month. Many of the writers apparently had some difficulty with getting their picks submitted. They've also found that it's not worth their time to post them there unless it's on Y! Sports. Along with the holidays, those are some of the reasons that some people didn't make picks in the final weeks.

I still intend to run this contest next season. However, I'll be much more open with allowing people to join. I won't have any page-view restrictions or anything like that. I'll be making some picks for the playoff games these next couple of weeks.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this contest and hope to see you next season!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Week 17 NOTE

I will NOT be making picks for Week 17 games. So many of these games are just predicting how a coach will respond when their playoff seeding is basically set. Other games just feature two lousy teams just looking forward to the offseason. All a loss means for them is a higher draft pick.

I WILL be making picks during the playoffs. The Y!CN NFL Pick' Em winner will be finalized early next week. It's really a two-man race between Rodney Southern and Tommy Hayfield.

Enjoy Week 17 and good luck to Southern and Hayfield!

Monday, December 26, 2011

NFL Y!CN Pick 'Em Contest: Week 16 Results (2011-12)

ONE WEEK TO GO. Rodney Southern has a four-game lead with 16 games remaining. Can he hold off Tommy Hayfield? Can he hold off Joshua Huffman (Nelson-style haha on that one).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

JZN NFL Predictions vs. Spread (2011): 16 Free Week 16 Picks

Things to consider:

* I'm 50/50 on the Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals. I feel like the game will be close and John Skelton will take over in the fourth quarter like he usually does. This is admitted a bit of a homer pick for the Tennessee Titans. Could go either way.

*The New York Jets vs. New York Giants isn't technically a road game; The Jets and Giants both played in MetLife Stadium.

*The Giants and Jets game could have major implications on the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles game that occurs later in the afternoon.

A GIANTS WIN would eliminate the Eagles from playoff contention. However, the PHI @ DAL game would become meaningless for the NFC East because the Cowboys would have to defeat the Giants in Week 17 regardless of whether they beat the Eagles or not. (Barring scenarios with tied games of course).

A JETS WIN would mean that any win or tie in the remaining two games for the Cowboys would clinch the NFC East.

The fact is that the Cowboys will win the NFC East with a win over the Giants in either scenario.I wouldn't be surprised if there was a mindset that the Cowboys' playoffs will start in Week 17 and they might overlook this game a little bit. Combined with their miserable effort in the last meeting and I'm siding with the Eagles.

*The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers game on Christmas night is meaningless for the Packers if the Seattle Seahawks can win or tie in their game against the San Francisco 49ers. Consider that if you're liking the upset with Seattle. The Packers would probably love that scenario because then Aaron Rodgers wouldn't have to play against a Bears' defense that will be attacking Marshall Newhouse and Evan Dietrich-Smith (Julius Peppers, anyone?).

*Packers game is dependent on whether the Seahawks or 49ers win. Seahawks win then I'm going with Bears. Otherwise, Packers. I'll update that pick on Sunday.


Good luck!


I wasn't going to make picks in the final two weeks because I'm busy during the Holiday season and need to get things done before family members come down during Christmas and New Years. My picks have been so far off this season that I also figured that it doesn't make any difference.

But in the chance that someone wants to know what I feel this week... I will post something with the next couple of hours.

In the meantime, here are some picks from Rodney Southern. Southern is currently tied with Tommy Hayfield for the overall lead in the pick 'em contest.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NFL Y!CN Pick 'Em Contest: Week 15 Results (2011-12)

Rodney Southern and Tommy Hayfield are tied for the lead with two weeks remaining. Difficult week for everybody. JM Van Horn didn't have any picks submitted this week. Haven't heard from him, neither. That's awkward since I usually do hear from him.

Week 15 results below

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I've uploaded all my picks. I've also linked to Randy Inman's picks in the Y!CN Results tab. Waiting on picks from Rodney Southern and Z-Was so I can link to them, also. I've also updated the Y!CN NFL Standings now that I got the information on Tommy Hayfield's picks. He went 14-2 (10-6 spreads) in Week 14. I believe he's in second place to Rodney Southern in the overall competition.

I might be changing one of my picks during the week. Depends on Ben Roethlisberger's injury. I'm assuming that he plays...he always does. Liking PIT over SF for a few reasons.

JZN NFL Predictions vs. Spread (2011-12) Week 15 Picks (Condensed)

***Upset Picks***
BUF (+1.5) OVER MIA 27-17
NYJ (+3) OVER PHI 23-20
DEN (+7) OVER NE 30-27
SD (+1) OVER BAL 20-17
PIT (+2.5) OVER SF 17-13

*** Picks to Cover but Lose***
TEN OVER IND (+7) 16-14
ATL OVER JAX (+11.5) 23-13
DAL OVER TB (+7) 27-23
CHI OVER SEA (+3.5) 17-14
CIN OVER STL (+7) 20-13
NYG OVER WAS (+6.5) 27-24

***Picks to Cover and Win***

GB (-15) OVER KC 41-6
HOU (-6.5) OVER CAR 24-13
NO (-7) OVER MIN 38-17
DET (-1) OVER OAK 31-21
ARZ (-6.5) OVER CLE 17-10

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